is a story in itself, a story I like to share. From buying the website, to raising money for the redesign, to now approaching our Blog Birthday in September, it is an ongoing project, with ideas coming from many places and so much potential for growth.

One of the most essential events we have are the weekly contributors meetings.

My idea is that no matter who shows up, I am there from 7pm-8pm. It is one hour I am available in person for anyone who wants to talk. We don’t always talk about the website and we have made some great friends among our contributors. It is always fun and inspiring.

Want to contribute? Email greenpointers (at)

I want to share our meeting notes you, the reader. Give it a look over. Tell us what you love or hate and share your own ideas.


Contributor Meeting 8/27 Greenpoint Heights

1. Pet Portraits at McGolrick Park was a success! Photos up soon…

2. Blog Birthday Coming Up! Save the Date: 9/28 @ The Diamond Bar
• Cake by Ovenly. Chocolate Stout Cake with Caramel Butter Cream Frosting
• Pierogis?
• Photo booth = Birthday Mugshots?
• Surpise Birthday Presents Raffle? big pile of wrapped gifts guests can win?
• Pin the tail on the hipster?
• Poster designed with cake writing!

3. Web Traffic Soaring! A year ago we had around 14,000 page views per month. In the past month we have had over 30,000 page views and over 12,000 unique visitors!

4. is an “affiliate” of Word Brooklyn meaning any books purchase that begins at, Greenpointers gets a small commission of sale. After the Anasi book review, I realized it would be great to get an affiliate commission through the sale of the book, but I didn’t want to do it through Amazon. Instead we can keep it local, support our local bookstore and possibly make a little income.

5. GO Brooklyn Art is coming up on Sept. 8 & 9th. It’s a Brooklyn wide open studios. Plan: studio visits with artists who have studios in Greenpoint but don’t necessarily live here. Make itinerary for guests. Are you a local artist that fits this description? Email greenpointers (at) so we can check out your artwork.

6. Fashion Night Out is coming up September 6. Put together a list of local shops who are hosting events that evening, Brooklyn style! Are you a local shop hosting an FNO Party?

7. Dating/Sex Column by anonymous writer. Would you write in anonymously with your dating horror stories, boyfriend drama, sex issues? I would!

8. Ragnar: Objects found. Stories about objects found in Greenpoint and the stories they evoke and the connections we can make to other Greenpointers through these lost items.

9. Lists! Apparently people love to read lists. Top 10 lists, etc. Plan: Top5 lists for Greenpoint restaurants, bars, etc. And when we ask Greenpointers their “favorites” we get a ton of passionate responses, ex. What if your favorite taco? Our face book page blew up! And it made us include Taco Bell in our taco tour!

10. Contributors photos are up! I want each contributor to write their bio as a blog post, so we can do a weekly “meet the contributors” post and link it to his or her photo. I would like the bios written in the first person, since that is the kind of blog we are.

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