As if you needed any more indication that hip hop is in a bad place right now, the Drake Chris Brown saga solidifies this fact.  The music that once brought us such great rivalries as Nas VS Jay Z, Mc Shan VS KRS One, NWA Vs Ice Cube, Eazy E Vs Dr Dre, now gives us Drake and chris Brown? How sad.  First of all, the Lil Kim Nikki Minaj beef was more interesting and relevant since it involved the typical bullshit that rappers beef about like stealing one’s style, trying to stay relevant, or trying to hold on to their “throne”.  Plus I think Lil Kim would smack the shit out of Chris Brown and Drake at the same time
in a streetfight.

When Common roasted Drake on “Sweet”, Drake tried to come back with a weak rhyme on a remix of  Rick Ross’s “stay schemin” which literally has the worst hook of any Hip Hop song I have ever heard in my life.  Please click that link to hear this because it amazingly bad.    They could have used Chris Brown on the hook.  Rick Ross the rapper took his name from “Freeway” Ricky Ross, a high level drug dealer in the eighties. Rick Ross the rapper was a corrections officer in the nineties. Drake the rapper was a child actor on Degrassi
Junior high.

I mean really. Drake tries to convince the world he has some thug in him on his last album which is pretty humorous.  You can’t be thuggin’ and come from Toronto. And you can’t be a drug dealing rapper and have been a corrections officer 15 years ago. Sorry, Im going on a tangent so lets get back to it.  Chris Brown, the woman beating douchebag tweets pictures of his jaw that was bloodied by Drake after his little scuffle at a Soho club. Note to Chris Brown: I would not be tweeting pictures of getting my jaw bloodied by Drake, it is really nothing to be proud of.  I mean if you got beat up by Suge Knight or something maybe it would be cool. But Drake?  Thats like getting beat up by one of the Smurfs.

First of all who tweets pictures of their bloodied face after a fight unless you are an attention starving doucheface? Chris Brown does. Does he want sympathy? Maybe Rhianna should have tweeted some pictures of her bloodied face when Chris Brown beat her.  This guy is such a tool. Am I being hard on poor Chris?  If you google Chris Brown and then put in a D to start spelling  Drake’s name guess what one of the top suggestions is? Douchebag! I know, it is not really a legit beef because Drake is a rapper and Chris Brown is a singer, but it is still indicative of how silly the world of top 40 music is. And it also fun to make fun of wimpy rappers that like anyone could beat up.  I mean I would not be calling Freddy Fox a douchebag if I thought he was one being that he lives in the same city as I do. But Drake? One more thing.  Canada has brought us Drake, and Justin Beiber in the last year. Maybe they are building the wall on the wrong border.  Till next time.


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