Remember Wall-e? He is a little robot that processes garbage into neat little cubes on a too toxic to inhabit planet earth. Ever turn off of Greenpoint Ave onto Humboldt and see inside into the garbage processing facility? There are human Wall-e’s climbing into giant piles of garbage and a few doors down there are giant rows of garbage cubes.
Near the Newtown Creek (aka Greenpoint) there are 19! waste transfer stations (WTS), which handle close to 40% of the 12million TONS of trash produced by NYC, making it “the densest concentration of WTS stations in NYC,” according to Newtown Creek Alliance. (Read more here.)
Not only is it gross and unfair to dump so much of the city’s trash on Greenpoint, it leads to a lot of waste related truck traffic, which pollutes the air even more and destroys the streets. Not to mention, they are so loud, a form of pollution we sometimes don’t recognize. Sometimes I think a dinosaur is roaring down my street. And I wonder why I am stressed!
The Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) recommends building marine transfer stations in order to barge the garbage. If you are in support of this Call Speaker Quinn & the City Council today: 212-788-7210
It’ll take about 3 minutes. I know, being away from Instagram and Facebook is going to sting, but reducing the amount of trash and trucks in Greenpoint is very important to improving Greenpoint and making it a healthier and safer place to live.

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