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We live in Brooklyn, the land of small railroad apartments. Most of us are constantly searching for more ways to store things while ideally not filling up the place with ugly plastic containers. Even if you are one of the lucky few to live in a beautifully sized apartment, the bathroom can always be a small, awkward or tricky spot to have the storage we need while keeping the tiny room looking good.

A while back someone gave me this vintage store display rack and it has become the perfect storage addition to the bathroom, although it could really work in any room. It is simple, hangs on the wall, and has the capability of holding a lot of stuff or looking great empty. They are somewhat easy to find on ebay and not too pricy.

A few tips to help keep the rack looking like decoration as well as useful storage:
– Keep it simple and stick to one idea. Use it for toilet paper or jewelry, not both.
– Try not to over clutter, everything needs space to breath.
– Think about what you want to look at everyday, if you have nice new towels or a tie collection use it.

-Mary Brockman
170 Franklin St

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