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If you love screen prints, there is a great show at Picture Farm in Williamsburg that you must see. Kayrock Screenprinting was formerly at Monster Island, but since the building evacuation, the shop has moved to the GMDC Building at the north end of Manhattan Ave, hence the name of the show “We Have Relocated.” (Note: The GMDC building stands to win $3 million in preservation funds if you vote here).

Karl LaRocca, owner of Kayrock Screenprinting (and martial arts master), printed each piece in the exhibition, which includes works from artists invited to participate, alongside his own work. See the list of artists and works available here.

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If you’re just starting to collect art, this is a great show to begin. Most of the works are priced between $150-300. And aside from the gorgeous artwork, Picture Farm is a great space with a great vibe.

Last Fall, Ugly Art Room, a project I work on “christened the space,” as Chris Bren, owner of Picture Farm, put it. I just rollerbladed in and asked if we could put up a collage exhibition there. Who can say no to someone on rollerblades?

© Mark Wagner

What an amazing gallery, right? It’s actually a professional photography and production studio. The Picture Farm people are the most gracious and generous hosts, who fully support the local arts community and invite artists and curators to use the space at no cost.

For a place like Brooklyn with limited and expensive square footage, this makes a lot of sense. After an opening, galleries are hanging storage for artwork – expensive storage, with a lot of unused space. In this scenario, the artwork is on view for visitors while the space is being utilized for photo shoots. Picture Farm is supporting the DIY art scene that could not happen without the generous donation of space.

We Have Relocated
Editions Published & Printed by Kayrock Screenprinting
On View at Picture Farm 338 Wythe Ave
May 11th – May 31st; Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm

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