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We are pleased to announce that FEAST’s 2012 schedule will begin on Saturday, January 21. We are accepting project applications around the theme of Amplification. The deadline for applications is midnight on January 4th. Please visit our website for instructions.

The process of amplification has been increasingly prominent of late, becoming evident in a number of cultural formations and exchanges. On a daily basis, at Occupy Wall Street movements across the country, the human microphone uses collective voices to amplify individual messages. Through multiplicity and repetition one voice becomes expanded in both volume and reach (‘Mic check! Mic check!’), a collective of individual voices becomes one. This unique amplification not only intensifies speaking, but also makes listening a critical practice. This phenomenon underscores the figurative dynamics of amplification in our lives – the way marginalized narratives become louder in the cultural landscape and how larger narratives are replayed in new contexts. The human microphone is just one example of a more general process that is often not overtly political. A number of FEAST projects over the last few years have involved amplifying communal voices often at the margins of our society. For FEAST #12, we are seeking projects that directly or indirectly speak to amplification whether literally or figuratively.

We encourage all artists, thinkers, and organizations at any stage in their career to apply. Up to this point, the projects that have received funding represent a diverse cross section of contemporary artistic and social practices. From urban gardens to mobile party vans, public sculptures to performances, no project or medium is incongruous with FEAST. We encourage artists to think outside their everyday practice and produce work that speaks to the community. Unlike conventional grant programs, artists receive funding from ($200 to $1,200) immediately and are therefore enabled to make timely work as soon as they can. Please feel free to share this call for proposals.



Saturday, January 21, 2012, 5 – 8pm

Church of the Messiah, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Application Deadline: January 4, 2011

Please visit feastinbklyn.org for more information.

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