What I love about this great town is the support we get from our neighbors. I want this website to be a place where we can all look out for one another during good and bad times. I received the following email, then met with Brandon during our Old Timey Camera tour. He is a dear friend of Sean (pictured above) who was in a serious motorcycle accident and needs help from his friends, family and neighbors. Any little bit helps. If you want to help Sean cover his medical expenses, please make a donation in any amount to benefitforsean@gmail.com

Hi there,

I wanted to write to you because a fellow friend and a fellow Greenpointer was casually riding his motorcycle with me and a few other friends and was involved in a unfortunate accident that left him seriously injured.  He crashed and was hit by another motorcycle subsequently breaking his femur, multiple ribs and collapsing his lung.

He had major surgery to repair his leg and get him in ok enough shape to begin healing.  He was in ICU for about a week and is now in regular hospital care up in Nyack Hospital.  He will be out of work for many months and will incur so many medical bills from this incident.  He works hard as a messenger which doesnt afford him insurance so this will be a significant burden for him to bear.  I wanted the strong community of Greenpoint to come together and help donate a few dollars to help get him back on his feet.

If it may be possible to post something about this on your blog to get many people to reach out and help Sean out, that would be so amazing.  I have set up a paypal for him   benefitforsean@gmail.com.


Please let me know if this may be possible.  Thank you for your time, and love your blog!


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