Bring to Light 2010 © Greenpointers

Let Greenpointers help you navigate this weekend’s Bring to Light Festival!  If you missed it last year, don’t miss it again. It promises to be bigger and better than last year, which is saying a whole lot. Last year was mind-blowing!


Bring to Light is a free nighttime public festival of art in New York City that takes place simultaneously with “nuit blanche” events in cities around the world…BTL will transform streets, parks and the industrial waterfront of Greenpoint, Brooklyn set against dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline.”

Bring to Light 2011 Map


With over 50 artists creating site-specific installations of light, sound, performance and projection art, you might experience some sensory overload. Let’s hold hands; we can get through this…


Urban Fills’ Locutorium references primitive childhood “cup-phones,” inviting users to converse with each other anonymously  via opposing fences equipped with a series of wide-mouthed cones connected by a network of crisscrossed, lit cables. (54) PARK

© Aaron Siegel

Clap along with Aaron Siegel’s Put Your Hands Together which lacks an audio component, so viewers will experience time passing by watching the impact of each hand clap. (01) WAREHOUSE

Chris Jordan & Josh Goldberg’s Chrono Giants record viewers passing by then layers the images into a projection, thus converting the landscape into a record of the population occupying it. (11) PARK

© Amanda Long


Swing on Amanda Long’s Swings. Connected to a live feed, it encourages audience members to swing while their motion is recorded, manipulated and projected onto an adjacent wall creating a mural of figurative abstractions. (04) PARK

Crawl across Daniel Canogar’s Asalto screen and see yourself crawling up the side of a warehouse eventually concealing the industrial structure with active human forms. (15) PARK

© David B. Smith

David B. Smith’s Double Oval Fantasy fills a room with Bob Ross’s voice, layering it with two spotlights that shift hue and position according to his use of paint. (16) PARK

Peek into Ugly Art Room’s Peep Show and with your back to the festival, share in an introspective moment of group privacy, where you the viewer become the viewed. 3D! (53) WAREHOUSE


© Devan Harlan & Olek

Devan Harlan & Olek’s Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle I presents a bicycle wrapped in light. (17) 

Eli Keszler’s Psaltery transforms one of Greenpoint’s most dramatic interiors into a monumental acoustic installation. The network of piano wires attached by motorized beaters turns the entire building into an instrument. (21) WAREHOUSE

© Fanny Allié

Glowing Homeless is a neon outline of the human form resting on a park bench. With the use of attractive materials Fannie Allié reverses the normal reaction of avoidance and draws people towards the form on the bench. (24)

Nathan Kensinger’s The Forgotten City is a projection of 50 photographs taken between 2007 and 2011 that documents the hidden rooms and passages of the Greenpoint Terminal warehouses after having survived a catastrophic fire in 2006. (39) WAREHOUSE

Magazine consists of several road flares positioned amongst the India Street Pier, burning inside a series of glass bottles by Jules Marquis. (SECRET LOCATION)

© Organelle Design and Elliott+Goodman

Organelle Design and Elliott+Goodman present Heavy Breathing, a pneumatic installation comprised of two lightweight “lungs” that inflate, deflate, brighten and dim throughout the night. (40) PARK

Get your rainbow on with Sean McIntyre and Reid Bingham’s Rainbow Tracer which allows you to take a photo with a rainbow, traced by LED lights on a 10ft bar arching 180 degrees in the air. (49) PARK

Richard Serra’s Hand Catching at the waterfront is a single shot of a hand repeatedly attempting to catch chunks of lead dropped from the top of the frame. (46) WATERFRONT

The Darkness Map Project at the festival center is a virtual map recording the city’s spectrum of darkness and light. FESTIVAL CENTER

Look out for unapproved BTL installations like Nuit du Poulet Blanche, “where the chicken crosses the road” (66 Greenpoint Ave)

All this stimulation is going to leave you spendy, hungry & thirsty.


Alter (109 Franklin) will be displaying Sniff, an interactive projection by Karolina Sobecka in their store window. As you walk by you are followed by and can play with a CG dog. (A)


Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint) will be having $4 pints of house beer all day & night, plus get your head chopped off right out front…

Veronica People’s Club (105 Franklin), the HQ of BTL brainstorming will have video installations and $1 off new fall cocktails! (M)

Other bars near the epicenter: The Diamond (D) Pencil Factory (J) Lulu’s (G) Black Rabbit, Red Star (K) Shayz Lounge (L) TBD, Wendy’s Bar


6:30pm – First Seating Pre Fixe Special at Le Gamin (108 Franklin) while Company Stage’s performance TIGUE solitary and time – breaking waves begins. (F)

Other restaurants near the epicenter: Calyer ($$$) (B) Mrs. Kim’s ($$) Paulie Gee’s ($$)(H) Anella ($$$) Karczma ($$) Brooklyn Label ($$) Franklin Pizza ($) Vamos Al Tequila ($$)


Manawi Thorn, Sludgehammer, Haribo w/guest DJ Self Hate @ The Pentagon (251 N. Henry) 9pm, “Fucked up music for fucked up people” RSVP

Solo Dame Indie Pop! Dance Party Matchless (557 Manhattan) 10pm-3am – DJ SON & Post-Paint Boy & Ledo RSVP

Official BTL Afterparty @ Lulu’s (113 Franklin) 12am, featuring Steps – Kyle M. & Bryce Hackford.


Water:  Take special East River Ferry Service between India St, 34th St, & No. 7th every 15 min, between 8:30pm-Midnight -or- Be a VIP aboard a fancy pants cocktail cruise that will take you from the No. 6th Pier to the statue of liberty for sunset views. Land at India St. Word on the street: famous baseball player will be on board. More info.

Train: G train to Greenpoint is replaced by shuttle bus every 10 min. –or- take L train to Bedfordand stroll along the waterfront down Kent Ave.

Bike: Bike parking will be sponsored by Silk Road Cycles at Franklin & Milton -or- Do what everyone did last year and hang your bike on the park fence.

Car: Don’t drive! If you take a taxi, get dropped off at the epicenter, Franklin & Milton.

Complete artist list, map and schedule visit Bring to Light NYC.

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