It’s not in Greenpoint, but it’s close enough: this weekend, The Palms opens its pools and bars in Long Island City, offering yet another option for your weekends from now until Labor Day.  They’re calling it “a late summer ode to the Boca Raton Resort Pools of the 1940’s (with more music, spectacle and hedonism)” which is a tall order.  The list of players, however, makes me think they might just be up to it: Organizing is by 3rd Ward, they’ve already tried out their pools, and the music, spectacle, and of course hedonism is being handled by the old hands at The Danger.  Music includes Pat Mahoney and House of House, food trucks, drinks, and, since it’s a Danger party, at some point something will probably be on fire.

Your intrepid Greenpointers team will be testing the waters tonight (I’m curious to see if the dumpster pool turns into sweaty hipster soup by the end of the night, but I’m sure they’ve got that figured out) and providing a full illustrated report.  Don’t wait on us before polishing your medallions, breaking out the Hawaiian Tropic, and heading over this weekend, though-  here’s the rest:

26-01 Jackson ave- take your choice of bike, cab, G, appropriately colored vespa, or B62.
Saturday is $10 before 3pm, $20 from then until way past your bedtime, and Sunday is $10 all day until midnight with cheap drinks.

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