A friend of mine sent me a link to this story in the Daily News today and I’m so proud that one of Greenpoint’s own is a hero today. 🙂

Lewin, 33, of Bushwick, Brooklyn, had just finished plowing in front of a police stationhouse when he turned onto Elizabeth St. and found a dozen cars stuck in the snow.

A young man flagged him down.

“He said there was a man who needed help,” Lewin recalled. “It was snowing really hard at that point and the car had gotten covered over. You couldn’t really see in the windows, but I saw there was a man in there.

“I knocked on the window and he didn’t respond. I opened the door and pulled him out, and here he was gasping for air. I asked him if he was having a heart attack and he said he was,” Lewin added.

Lewin, an 10-year Sanitation Department vet, radioed his supervisor and told him to get an ambulance. He then dusted off CPR skills he learned years ago at a previous job and began giving Tusk chest compressions.

“I wasn’t 100% sure I was doing it right,” he said. “It had been a long time.”

He took Tusk’s cell phone, called the last-dialed number and got his son.

“I told him I was with his father and help was on the way,” Lewin said.

Lance Lewin is a Greenpointer now living in Bushwick who I’ve known longer than I can remember, and have always known him to be a sweetheart of a guy. Now he’s a bonafide lifesaving hero!

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