I love the holidays. I love Greenpoint. I love giving gifts. So this year I’ve decided to start a series of posts called The Greenpoint Gift Guide for the holidays.

Greenpoint Gift Guide will feature a local shop and/or website and two options from their goods. One will be a stocking stuffer or budget gift of $25 & under and the other a more expensive or larger gift. My goal this year is to help keep all my – and hopefully my readers – holiday shopping local.

If your shop is interested in being a part of it, drop me an email at greenpointers@gmail.com and I’d be thrilled to include you! If you’re a shopper who’s come across something from a local joint that you think makes a perfect gift, give me a shout, too.

As a bonus, I’ve already got a few stores lined up willing to offer exclusive discounts to Greenpointers readers! So not only are you going to be able to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list within walking distance of your home, you’re gonna get to save a little coin as well! SCORE!

I’ll be starting the posts in the next couple of weeks and running them through Christmas every other day or so. You’ll be able to find all the suggestions under the label Greenpoint Gift Guide.


Happy Shopping!

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