Some of my neasrest and dearest co-workers and friends are part of the LGBTQ community and many of them work with youth, so I feel obliged to post this, especially after hearing such sad stories about kids who find it difficult in their lives to have family and friends accept their sexuality. Plus Pastor Ann is such a nice lady!

I’m writing to ask for some help. In light of recent events of violence and suicide among those in the LGBTQ youth community, our church feels a call to do something. So much of the rejection that LGBTQ youth often experience sadly comes from their own faith communities. We want to provide a safe place for them to grow in their faith and find their callings, all while seeing their LGBTQ-ness as a gift and not a curse, despite what some religious institutions may say.

If there is any way that you could help us publicize this group on your blog, I’d really appreciate it. Here’s more info:

In an effort to provide this place within our already welcoming and affirming congregation (, we are starting a youth group called Somewhere. Our first meeting is this Friday, Nov 5 at 7pm at the Greenpoint Reformed Church, 136 Milton St, Brooklyn NY 11222. If you know of any teens who would be interested in joining us, please feel free to pass the information along, or direct interested people to our church website. If you have any ideas of ways that we could get the word out to interested youth, please let us know.

The group is being coordinated by Jessica Winderweedle. Her cell is 405-640-4029, and her email



Ann M. Kansfield
Co-Pastor, Greenpoint Reformed Church
Worship Sunday 11-12a * Dinner Wednesday 6-7p * Pantry Thursday 1-5p
136 Milton St. * Brooklyn, NY 11222 * 718-383-5941

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