According to Sound of the City, CoCo 66 says they are not closing down but instead expanding despite the Friday police raid. Straight from the managers mouth:

Apologies for the confusion yesterday. Briefly: after you and I spoke we had a meeting at Coco’s and we all decided that since some shows were already moving to other venues this week, just because they were worried, we would take this time now to take a couple days off and make some renovations to just kinda move forward and become a better venue with more space for people. So we are taking a couple days to do that. We were doing construction all night last night, and all day today, just in the back to have more space and do bigger and better shows.

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  1. Hmm… if you read the entire message, not just the excerpt here, he is claiming that the NYPD at the time were in error in telling them to close down, and had no authority to do so. Which may have been true at the point of that police visit, but the Department of Buildings website shows that DOB certainly did issue a "partial vacate" order for the first floor at 66 Greenpoint Ave. So far, there's no record there of a "Y4" disposition rescinding that order.

    So, while I wish them luck in getting this taken care of and look forward to seeing more shows there, sorry but I can't buy this spin.

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