A few weeks ago I was contacted by Time Out New York for some quotes on an upcoming issue they were doing called Why I Love NYC. It came out today and you can read all the recommendations from some old school Greenpointers like Donna Siafakas, the owner of Peter Pan’s (and check out pic #2 of my girl Ania!), Michael Sayers, the owner, of Photoplay and yours truly.

Justine Carroll, blogger, Greenpointers (greenpointers.blogspot.com)
“I was born and raised in Greenpoint, I’m third generation. I’m spent my twenties living in Staten Island but moved back four years ago. I [hang out in] old-school and new places. For new places, I really love The Habitat. That’s my favorite: The owner is nice, the food is good, there’s always something fun going on. They do the wings-eating contest, but they do a trivia night on Wednesday nights. When you go in there, they always change the look of the place. I like to go in on Halloween, they go all out and it’s different every year: stuff all over the walls, a corpse in the middle. I enjoy it, and the sangria.”
The Habitat, 988 Manhattan Ave between Huron and India Sts (718-383-5615, thehabitatbrooklyn.com)

“If I’m going to stay local, it’s Connie O’s. That’s my home bar, where I’ll shoot my darts, get my beers, hang out with my friends. I can go there on a Saturday afternoon and see my friend’s father there, and I can go in on Saturday night and then my friend is there. Sometimes, you’ll go in and there’s new people and that’s fine too. They have TV, a pool table, it’s small and quiet, they have a good jukebox—one of the online jukeboxes. It’s a family-owned dive bar with $3.50 beers and buy-backs—old-school. It’s owned by someone who’s lived in Greenpoint forever, and anytime I go in there I’m going to know somebody.”
Connie O’s, 158 Norman Ave at Newel St (917-578-7959)

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