This Saturday 9/25/10 yours and my favorite growler distributer, Brouwerij Lane is hosting an Oktoberfest celebration complete with big ½ liter mugs of 5 German beers and free pretzels & sausages!

Berry Park is also getting in on the Oktoberfest party with the Ja Ja Ja’s. There’s still time to check them out at their remaining dates and also to taste the four Oktoberfest beers on the menu including the Schneider Wiesen-Edelweiss which is an amazing Organic wheat beer. It is a true Oktoberfest celebration and as always it’s free. Come sing dance and of course drink! Prost.

Oktoberfest Dates w/ the Ja Ja Ja’s:
Friday, 9/24 @ 9pm
Sunday, 9/26 @ 7 pm
Saturday, 10/9 @ 9 pm

And of course the celebration is still going on at Radegast Hall & Biergarten. Be sure to get your fill of all the limited edition beers before they’re all gone!

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