Phyllis dropped me the following email about this cutie missing beagle. If you have any info feel free to drop me an email at and I’ll pass it on or comment on Reclaimed Home’s post here.

Hey Greenpointers,

Found this dog on McGuinness and Greenpoint Aves wandering around. Female, no tags. Would appreciate if you can keep your eye out for the owner. She’s probably around 5 years old (?), shy. Don’t see any spay scars. She’s overweight and is pretty clean, as if she wasn’t on the streets for long.


Update 8/4/10: Beagle Reunited!


Thanks for all of your help! Gaby the Beagle was reunited with her owner today. Some old Polish guy who couldn’t speak English. His house is under renovation and the workers left the door open. His wife is in Poland and would have killed him if she found out. So…happy ending!! She was happy to be home.


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