This is some AMAZING news and quite the accomplishment for the dedicated folks involved with McCarren Tennis!

Yes, you read that correctly. The courts at McCarren Park were one of only 3 sets of public courts to be part of the “Fresh Courts” initiative sponsored by American Express and the USTA.

“For New York, American Express’ Fresh Courts program will work with tennis courts located in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. The 35-acre park services the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods and currently contains seven full-sized tennis courts, one of which was recently resurfaced through the efforts of the McCarren Tennis Association and park volunteers. As part of the Fresh Courts program, the remaining courts will be completely resurfaced and renovated, and upon project completion, McCarren Park will contain six full-sized, 78-foot courts, and two permanent 36-foot courts for the QuickStart play format.”

Read the full press release here:

I’d like to thank AMEX, USTA, Stephanie and Julia at OSA and the OSA Comm Comm, Commissioner Spiegel, Gerald Esposito and the CB1 board, Rami Metal and Stephen Levin, and the other McCarren Tennis Association members: Sean Hoess, Aron Malkine, Meng Ai, Jessica Glorieux & Monika Chmielewska. Hope I didn’t forget anyone – I’m so excited I can’t think straight.

Dan @ McCarren Tennis

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