I was alerted to this by The Diamond‘s newsletter and I thought it was worth passing on. While I can sympathize with people living in the immediate vicinity of a bar with a backyard, the truth is most of these spots are pretty low key. And in the case of the Diamond, the owner is absolutely correct in the fact that it’s mostly industrial near them. No one to wake up.

I’m of the opinion that bars should be able to police themselves and settle any issues with their neighbors on a case by case basis. While there are always going to be exceptions to the rule, I think most local bars aren’t having an issue with their yards. And how much will it suck to not have that al fresco drinking experience in the prime time hours? Plus, as a smoker, the ability to drink my beer and smoke my cigarette at the same time again is one thing I DO NOT want to give up. Again.

State Senator Joan Millman has introduced legislation to curb backyard and roof usage at bars and restaurants. This legislation prematurely ends your evening by enforcing mandatory close times of 10pm Sun-Thurs and 11pm Fri-Sat. It also hurts small businesses by requiring us to have waitstaff in the yard at all times.

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We disagree with the legislation as we believe that businesses should be able to police themselves and settle individual grievances with neighbors. We set our own close time out back based on the density of neighbors in our vicinity. Since much of the space behind the Diamond is non-residential warehouse, a 10pm close time is not appropriate. Enforcing this random rule on everyone is a lazy approach and does not consider the variety of unique situations.


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The Diamond
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  1. Seems like everyone who talks about this, including the Diamond and that Facbook page, gets a couple of details wrong.

    Joan Millman is not in the state Senate. She's in the Assembly. The bill, of course then, was introduced in the Assembly, not the Senate.

    A minor point, maybe, but organized opposition to any legislation is more likely to succeed by getting that kind of thing write. Of course, the opposition in this case seems to be taking no action other than "liking" a Facebook page.

  2. Three other details that you skipped over/got wrong: 1) the bill provides for an establishment to negotiate for a later opening by getting the approval of the community board; 2) it only applies to establishments within 500 feet of a residential zone; and 3) it requires that you "provide[]" waiter service, not necessarily that someone be out there at all times.

  3. Mr Diamond Bar, you may very well be a conscientious bar owner, but the proprietors of many backyard bars in Brooklyn (Williamsburg, Slope) simply do not give a damn what the neighbors think. 11pm is reasonable for everyone.

  4. 11 pm on a weekend night is not reasonable whatsoever.

    There will be much opposition to this unnecessary and overly restrictive bill.

    I sincerely hope it does not pass.

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