A new Williamsburg graphic design studio STIM has opened up for all your business needs. Keep it local!

Recently launched in Williamsburg, STIM is the graphic design studio of Timothy Samara: noted creative director, design educator, and author. The studio offers a wide range of integrated communication services, including visual brand identity, print collateral and advertising, environmental work, and interactive design, as well as naming, brand strategy, and writing.

“Our approach is holistic and a little unorthodox,” Samara says. “It’s important to look past convention, to create a unique presence for our clients and, hopefully, bring a little beauty and order to the world. Design is a bigger issue than style, hype, and the bottom line.” The studio is actively seeking commercial, cultural, and nonprofit clients, both large and small. You can preview their work by visiting their web site: http://www.visual-stim.com/.

STIM Visual Communication
238 South 3rd. Street, No.4
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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