Do you travel a lot? Do miss the sounds of the city? I know I would miss the sounds of drunken hipsters screaming at 3am or early morning street sweeping vehicles. But now who needs to live without it? There’s an (Greenpoint resident created!) app for that!

NY Nap App Helps Homesick New Yorkers Get A Good Nightʼs Sleep

For the homesick New Yorker in need of a nap or a good night’s sleep… Now you can fall asleep or wake up to the sounds of the greatest city in the world no matter where you happen to be.

Brooklyn, New York’s Samantha Weiss, a motion graphics producer and photographer, and Jameson Proctor, a software developer and musician, have launched the NY Nap App for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The idea for the app was born from the difficulty Weiss has sleeping when she is away from the city.

The NY Nap App allows you to mix and match eight different iconic sounds of the city (recorded by Proctor on location in Brooklyn and Manhattan) so that you can recreate the ambience of your very own New York City street. The application features an alarm clock, a sleep timer, a sound pre-viewer, and an attractive digital clock face for the look and feel of a good, old-fashioned bedside alarm clock.

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