Greenpointers is growing! This July, Greenpointers will be 3 – can you believe it?

Over the last three years I’ve changed the look of the blog, added some friends and got a chance to see so many new spots open in the neighborhood it kinda makes my head spin. But there is still so much going on that I can’t possibly see or do it all so I’m happy to have added even more friends to the Greenpointers crew.

Kea has been with me the longest joining just before Greenpointers turned one. Then came Joann in March of 2009, the creator of Greenpoint Food Market among so many other events and things I can’t hardly keep up with her. Along the way I’ve had contributors like MatchGirl from Unemployed Brooklyn and Liza from food.curated among others. Recently to come on board is Jason Anello of Forking Tasty and Christina from I Want To Go There.

I was hoping to find some bloggers interested in hitting the shopping beat and I got lucky and found two! Emily who has already posted about a giant tag sale this weekend and soon to start Tom Cowell who runs Etsy vintage clothing shop Dusty Rose Vintage with his wife from their Greenpoint home.

Also coming on board is frequent contributor to the Greenpoint Flickr Group, photographer Matthew Glasson who I’ve been a fan of for some time.


In addition to all the new talent here, I’ve started adding local business ads to the site like Alter and Joann’s Greenpoint Food Market. I am not into the Google ads and instead would prefer to keep everything totally all about the hood. I support the GBA – Greenpoint Business Association and all local joints. If your business is interested check out the post here.

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