The Greenpoint Business Association is on a roll right now and their next step is to create a destination logo and slogan. This is a HUGE opportunity for Greenpoint and for talented designers out there. It would be wonderful to have an artist who lives and loves this neighborhood to put their passion into this project.

The Greenpoint Business Association (GBA) is seeking proposals from local “North Brooklyn” based artists, graphic designers and marketing experts to create a destination logo and slogan for the “village” of Greenpoint.

This is a long-term initiative – a revitalization of a thirty year tradition of business and community involvement! We are seeking to create a “destination” brand for Greenpoint that will support the business community, giving us a stronger voice to influence the economic recovery of our “village.”

All the deatils can be found here.

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  1. This is wonderful. Thank you for posting, Justine.

    I read the details and it seems to me that what they are asking for is Spec work — a big no-no in the professional design community. I would love to come up with ideas/initial sketches and meet with them to show them my portfolio and discuss my ideas for the project, but Spec work is frowned upon by professional designers and even the AIGA.

    I just wanted to pass that message along. Spec work (and crowdsourcing) does a disservice to both designers and businesses alike. Often, no winning work will be chosen and then everyone loses — the designers who worked for nothing and the business that didn't get their final piece.

    If a company or organization is in need of design work, they should meet with various prospective designers and/or studios, choose one and hire them prior to asking for any work to be done or presented.

    I would advise interested designers to request to meet with the Greenpoint Business Association before doing and submitting any logos and other work for the project.

    Just wanted to pass that message on for those who might not be aware! We need more designers to stand up and make it known that Spec work is a no-no. Hopefully, companies and organizations will begin to realize they need to properly hire us and stop asking for work to be done on spec.

  2. Alyssa,

    Thanks for your feed-back. This is just what we (the GBA) is hoping for. We have sent the RFP out into the creative world to get designers and artist to reach out to us, show us their portfolios and see what comes back. Certainly we would not expect "spec" work unless someone decide to do that. Professional designers, especially in Greenpoint, are in such abundance that we would like to look at as many portfolios and discuss ideas – then go from there. We do have one design submitted already, but would like to see what others would come up with before making a final selection.

    Please feel free to contact me to have your work looked at by the Marketing committee for the GBA.

    Very best,

    Jennifer Hilton
    consulting coordinator – the Greenpoint Business Association
    718-389-9044 ext 15

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