Honestly, could I be any more oblivious? A new shop featuring vintage clothing, handmade soaps and candles, jewelry and a slammin’ sunglasses collection open up literally steps from my apartment and I totally know nothing about it until the shop owners email me. Seriously, my blogging license should be revoked.
But since that’s not a concern, everyone should check out the ADORABLE new Petit Boudoir and welcome another new shop to Franklin Street. I know I will.
big fan of your site, always checking for fun stuff to do in g-point…
i just opened a lovely boutique on franklin and java, and thought i would drop you a line to say hi, so you know we are out here!
i thank you for the interest and would love say hi if you swing by the store at any given time.
Im Mike the owner, along with Marietta (wife!)
thanks again.

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