Elizabeth of local blog Brooklyn Home Companion sent on her Greenpointers 5!

Here’s my Greenpointers 5:

1. Favorite block/street & why?
Guernsey Street, between Oak and Nassau. It’s just really pretty, and has a kind of vintage feel.
2. Favorite coffee spot?

I’m partial to the newly-opened Cafe Royal, because it’s close to my house, has great chai lattes, and Cody lets us have our Goddamn Cobras meetings there. 

3. Favorite bar or hangout?
I agree with Justine – Connie O’s for that great, Cheers-y neighborhood dive bar feel. Otherwise, Boulevard Tavern, which is big and open and has a great patio and sometimes a crazy cheap burger bar (with vegetarian options).

4. Favorite restaurant?
Eat, on Meserole. It has a regional/seasonal-based menu that changes daily. I would have said River Barrel, but I don’t like the knew Korean-focused menu.

5. Favorite etc.?

Brouwerij Lane to fill up growlers of beer or kombucha; Gutter for bowling (N. 14th is still considered Greenpoint, right?)



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