Not only does Tina Fey heart Peter Pan Donuts but Al Pacino hearts Cannoli’s from the area as well!

New pastry chef duo Joe and AnnMarie are planning their first pop-up shop in the Greenpoint WIlliamsburg area soon but yesterday they had a celebrity taste taster.

Today was a great day, I a movie set on Metropolitan Avenue. I decided to try to get some business out of it. I went to the craft services table and I spoke to the woman in charge, who asked for a sample. So I went to my truck and brought out some biscotti and butter spritz cookies. When I went back with the samples she opened the bag to taste them.

There was a man standing next to me who took a biscotti, tasted it and grabbed the whole bag. I looked surprised at his response. I looked at the woman and her response was “You know Mr. Pacino, don’t you?” “YES IT WAS AL PACINO!!!” and YES, He liked my Biscotti!! He asked me what else I made, and I proclaimed my famous cannoli’s to which he replied “Bring me a dozen – Extra powder.” And so from this a cannoli star is born.

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