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  1. I saw this online and that doesn't look like a wooden storefront to me…

    Hearing Date: 8/4/2009
    LPC Docket Number: 098978
    Brooklyn, Block: 2558, Lot: 2
    146 Franklin St – Greenpoint Historic District
    An Italianate style rowhouse built in 1863-64. Application is to install storefronts.

    HDC Testimony
    This application is a huge improvement and HDC applauds the applicant for taking on such a job. The faux door an interesting solution to the problem posed by the interior lay out, but rather than calling too much attention to it, a simpler, flat door with a surround could be more appropriate. In addition, we would ask that the storefront be made of wood and not aluminum. This would not only be more historically appropriate, but would also help better integrate the door with the overall storefront.

    LPC Determination: Approved w/mods

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