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Five questions to Greenpointers on their favorites in the ‘hood! First up is yours truly.

1. Favorite block/street & why?
I’m bias to the block I grew up on – Humboldt btwn Nassau & Driggs. Everytime I get down that way I try to pass by the house I spent the first half of my life in. I’m a nostalgic.

2. Favorite coffee spot?
With Greenpoint Coffee House now closed, I’d have to say Cafe Grumpy and Cookie Road have my vote.

3. Favorite bar or hangout?
This is what it must be like trying to pick your favorite child! When I’m in the mood for good local friends and a game of darts, it’s hands down I’m going to Connie O’s on Norman. When I want to catch a drink with a friend or date, my go-to spot is The Habitat on Manhattan Avenue. Service is a BIG deal to me and the people at The Habitat are the best. I <3 Nicole and Thai.

4. Favorite restaurant or place to nosh?
Another difficult one. I really have to say that my favorite place to eat or have take out from is Acapulco Restaurant. Mexican food is my absolute favorite and in my opinion Acapulco is the best Mexican in the neighborhood.

5. Favorite etc? (New spot, retail shop, open space, whatevs!)
Peter Pan’s! It’s a Greenpoint institution, possibly one of the only places in the entire hood that both locals and hipsters, young and old, Polish and American can all agree on. Peter Pan has the best donuts!

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