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I got this email from Dan regarding the trash scene at McCarren Park. Does anyone know of an in progress clean-up program or are interested in creating one? Feel free to leave your info in the comments or email me directly at and I’ll put you in touch with Dan.

I am a relatively new Greenpoint resident and wanted to see if you had any idea how I could get a clean up going in McCarren Park and down Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint/Williamsburg? I actually proposed a lecture on the Monday Night Lecture Series at Pete’s Candy Store but they turned me down.

I would like to weigh in on Williamsburg/Greenpoint Trash – why McCarren Park and Driggs and Bedford Avenues are so full of trash and why the municipalities are essentially ignoring the trash buildup that occurs, despite the growing population and influx of both homes and people into these areas. I am a Greenpoint resident and live not far from Pete’s. I walk Driggs at least twice daily and see the trash buildup and lack of receptacles. I walk my dog in McCarren Park and fight with her as she eats chicken bones, random paper, broken umbrella’s, lost shoes, etc. It would just seem to me that this would be a fairly easy problem to fix – more garbage cans, maybe more frequent pick-ups, etc. but I have heard no complaints or mention of this and have seen no improvement in the time I have lived there.

Any thoughts/assistance you might have would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


Update 7/2/10: Hi this is Emily Mijatovic from Assemblyman Lentol’s office. Just to update you all, the Assemblyman has contacted the Parks Department and has been told that they have hired 3 workers to McCarren Park, and two extra for the summer to work weekend/late nights. In addition, a Parks Enforcement Patrol Officer will be hired for the district.

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