I got an email this morning from Miles Beltran with an interesting little story about local business Greenpoint Furniture – you know the place, the joint with the green hand chair outside! I’ve always meant to go in there and buy something just because it looks like the sort of spot where I’d get a great deal and find something I’d like for my apartment. It makes me feel good to support real local businesses, especially ones that have been here before it was ‘hip’.

Greenpoint furniture store by marmotfotos

It’s a cold afternoon and the neighbors talk to John Galliano in Polish. People just walk in to say hello. Galliano, the owner of Euro Meble or better known as Greenpoint Furniture, stands by the door and spreads his good, spirited cheers. The neighborhood has found a friend. It’s obvious the owner Galliano speaks several languages including Polish, English and Spanish. But he was born in Colombia. His father is of Italian descend and his mother is Colombian. But this neighborhood store is suffering in this ever changing economy.

A year ago Galliano had to close his second location, the warehouse store. But Galliano still has his main store located at 820 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, NY. The store is in the heart of Greenpoint across from what used to be Greenpoint Bank and now is Capital Bank. It’s a sign of the times. But he has managed to stay on top by offering better prices, great customer service and quick deliveries. They have been forced to reinvent themselves and to target the new customers from Greenpoint, Williamsburg and LIC.

The store celebrates over 40 years in the same location, by different owners. Back then Greenpoint Furniture was a Dial-A-Mattress store. Galliano bought Greenpoint Furniture in 1995. The neighborhood was primarily Polish during that time. People were accustomed to a sofa called, “Jack Knife”. It serves as a sofa, bed and storage. Today, it is still a big seller.

Now that they are celebrating many years in business; you can take advantage of the wide selections and floor sample sales. Selected items will be 30% to 70% off. John Galliano is even Interior Designing for the Belvedere Buildings. Interior Designing and refinishing floors are their new services. Drop in. Say hello. But you must know that Galliano is very thankful to the community; who keeps him in business.

Greenpoint Furniture
820 Manhattan Avenue @ Calyer Street
718-383-7571 OR 1-800-805-0556

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  1. I agree. The guys there are friendly and cut great deals. I bought a Jack Knife from them when I first moved to the neighborhood and it served me well, so I went right back when I upgraded to a mattress. No pressure sales, no b.s. and good people.

  2. I don't agree. I asked them continually about buying a handcrafted wood chair / bench that they had outside for years and they refused to budge on pricing. They dragged it outside day after day and let it get completely water rotted and then tossed it.

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