ProspectBArk! This Brooklyn-based dog walking and pet sitting service created just ten months ago, has begun to take root – especially in Greenpoint! Since May, the company’s neighborhood team has grown from one walker, Matt Finucane, to a group of three with the addition of Amy Shui and Nancy Gutierrez.

“I like living in Greenpoint and working for ProspectBArk because they both make me feel like I’m part of a small community,” says Amy. “I really enjoy being able to help other Greenpointers make sure that their pets are comfortable while they’re away.”

The service is for people who adore their pets – and employees take that seriously! Each of the walkers is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. They not only love animals, but have the experience and credentials to take good care of them. Owner Chun-Soon Li says that employees are chosen based on their trustworthiness and rapport with the pets. But the great thing about Matt, Amy, and Nancy is that they’re also just regular folks who love the neighborhood as much as we do: spending Friday nights at The Pencil Factory, running at the track at McCarren Park, and browsing for books at Word and Open Air Modern. Matt agrees that “Greenpoint is a great neighborhood to walk dogs. Friendly people, two dog parks close by, and scenic surroundings. On a nice day when I’m walking my dogs it doesn’t even seem like a job. Lots of people hate their jobs, so that’s not something I take for granted.”


ProspectBArk’s burgeoning client base is indicative of happy customers and great word of mouth. Meredith Smith – a loyal Greenpoint client – says that her cat, Marshmallow, is adopted and she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her in a kennel with lots of random, noisy animals: “Since I’ve been using ProspectBArk, just knowing Matt is taking care of my cat in her own environment makes me feel totally at ease when I go out of town. He feeds her, gives her some much-needed affection, plays with her and leaves a full report while I am away. Plus, Matt lives right down the street!”

They set themselves apart from the competition in many ways. Since each dog or cat has a primary caretaker (the same one every time!), pets aren’t given just walkers and sitters, they’re given best friends – a benefit that bigger companies or kennels can’t guarantee. Amy likes the individual attention ProspectBArk is known for and the fact that they don’t practice pack walking. Her favorite part of the job? “Just getting to spend time with happy pets!” Also, the team hosts Doggie Daytrips, one day getaways upcountry for dogs and their owners.

ProspectBArk is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, a regular supporter of the ASPCA and the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, and a contributing member of PETA.

UPDATE! If you’re interested, sign up now — Until the 4th of July, ProspectBArk is offering a Spring Special for new Greenpoint/Williamsburg clients – $15 half hour walks which include a leisurely or brisk stroll, fresh water, treats, thorough brushing, and a towel-dry if it’s been raining. That’s a lot of lovin’ for your pooch, and these are the people to do it.

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