I don’t necessarily pay much attention to the MTA and all the shit they threaten to do, but I came across this article from Sunnyside Post and I’m really bummed that the B24 might be cut – on the weekends no less!

The B24 is just about the only bus I ride. I have friends along Greenpoint Avenue in Sunnyside and find myself there at least once a month. Although it runs majorly infrequently as it is – something like once every half or hour or less – it takes mere minutes to get to my friends house. And it saves me money because last time I took a cab there, Malone’s tried to rape me for $10. After I balked, it was $8. But still, it’s a little ridic.

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  1. I went through the South Brooklyn cuts in a lot of detail, and my initial impression was that we were getting hosed. The more chatter I hear, though, makes me realize that the bus system as a whole is taking a major hit.

    Losing the overnight service on some routes, I can live with (losing four hours each night isn't great but isn't horrible). Losing so many weekend routes really sucks though. And so many routes around me have also been shortened to the point of not serving the purpose I need from them.

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