A very cool event is coming to Unleash Brooklyn/Dog Habitat.  This Thursday at 8 am the Toby Project spay/neuter van will outside of 216 Franklin Street, offering their services (always free of charge) to the residents of Greenpoint.

From the website:

The Toby Project will end the killing of tens of thousands of adoptable dogs and cats each year in New York City’s municipal animal shelters by preventing the births of unwanted dogs and cats.

We will make New York City a true “no-kill’ city by delivering free spay/neuter services to all five boroughs of New York City using mobile surgical vans specifically equipped for this purpose. By reaching out to targeted communities, our aim is to prevent the breeding of the very dogs and cats whose offspring account for most of the animals relinquished to our municipal shelters, where they are often killed.

I’m sure every resident of Greenpoint knows of at least one stray kitty, that their neighbors feed or that skulks around between the parked cars on their street.  True, you might not be able to catch these kitties to take them to the van, but please, if you have a pet that’s not spayed or neutered, get up early and head out to Dog Habitat on Thursday morning!


As of December 9th at 3:30 pm, District Dog reports that all slots for spay/neuter have been filled. Please keep an eye on the Toby Project’s website or contact the ASPCA for info on free and discounted services and to see where their mobile vans will be popping up next!

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