Our own precious little mastermind Joann‘s Greenpoint Food Market has gone monthly and the next one is this Saturday. Perfectly in time for Thanksgiving treats. 😉

Greenpoint Food Market returns after a few weeks hiatus! We realized it’s more eventful and fun when the market runs on a monthly basis, so here we are! We hope you missed the fun and revelry and are looking forward to a day of non-stop adventure, for your mouth!

We’ve got many exciting things in store for you, here are a few things you can expect this Saturday:

At 2pm, Theo will give a workshop on making chicken liver pate and at 2:30 Barry will give a workshop on making tempeh!


A hot chocolate cookoff will take place with participating vendors as contestants, which you can purchase and taste at a quarter and vote for your favorite. All proceeds will go to Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. The winning vendor receives a goodie bag of market stuff!

We are going to give out free raffle tickets for your change to win the amazing cookbook Forking Fantastic!

NAG and People’s Firehouse has joined together in an effort to build Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center and they’ll be at the market sharing info about their organization as well as some goodies!

We are also proud and excited to collaborate with Greenpoint’s own Rooftop Farms for their next market, a few GFM vendors will be there Sunday the 22nd selling their goodies aside the fresh and localist vegetables you’ll find this side of town.

And finally, here’s a full and mouth-watering list of the amazing vendors you’ll find at the market on Saturday:

– Pumpkin & Honebunny returns with their ever so delicious homemade soda and beautiful custom made cards.

Token Confections has built a solid fanbase with her caramels and we can’t wait to stuff our faces with some more.
– A Needed Twist brings challah bread for the first time at the market, and Woodside Bakehouse will be selling vegan granola bars.

Taza Chocolate continues to gift us with our favorite chili infused chocolate and Cafe Grumpy returns with their line of Greenpoint roasted coffee.

Anarchy in a Jar pumps ups the jams with a myriad flavors and concoctions and Sugarbuilt will show off their exquisitely designed cookies.

Theo returns with the ever so delectable chicken liver pate and Kors D’Oeuvres will provide a collection of dips and spreads.

Abby’s Bakery fills us with a variety of cookies and brownies and By the Hearth brings gluten and dairy free baked goods with a thanksgiving twang.

– Morningstar cakes and cookies gives us a sugar high and Soup Spoon keeps us cozy and warm.

Skimkim’s asian infused popcorn, spreads and butter is irresistible and we await Seed for Change’s tempeh with much anticipation.

– We love La Tia Faby’s empanadas as well as Sweetie Pies Brooklyn’s irresistible sweet and savory pies.

– We can’t WAIT to taste Bean & Apple’s toffee, fudge AND caramel sauce. Can’t. Wait.
– Rich brews kombucha to keep us healthy and Berry Street Bags provides the handy custom made GFM tote bags which also is a great PR tool!

– Mai will sell yummy candy and Goddamn Cobras will bring delicious raw vegan pate.

Sandwich Friends takes care of your lunch and The Linzertort Bakery appeases your snacking urge with some healthy granola.

– Lucky Girl Cookies satisfies that sweet tooth and Sourpuss Pickles keeps us puckered.

Mama O’s Kimchee and Arirang Kimchee will fill the air with pungent and flavorful fermented cabbage, yum!

There’s absolutely no chance you wouldn’t be convinced to join us this Saturday, so spread the word and see you there! Facebook event here.

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