Paulie Gee’s Bianco with Baby Arugula, Olive Oil, Fresh Lemon Juice and Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano

I spotted this little tidbit yesterday on Liza’s Twitter and then received an email from Paulie Gee himself giving me the heads up that he’s “looking forward to coming back to the borough of my birth and to one great neighborhood.”

And seriously, I know I’m looking forward to “a wood-fired Neapolitan-style joint”. Now mind you, I love me some NYC greasy pizza just as much as the next person, but every now and then I definitely enjoy a more “gourmet” pie. Taking over the old Paloma, Paulie Gee’s is planning on opening it’s doors in December.

I cannot wait to check this joint out. And to get your mouth watering take a peek at Paulie’s flickr set for some pizza porn…. Mmmmmmm

Paulie Gee’s
60 Greenpoint Ave


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