Curbed made a post today about a couple of proposed forty-something towers planned by a new developer (used to be Trump’s lawyer nonetheless).

I’m already seeing the drama coughed up on the mailing lists, blogs and Twitter about the blasphemy of the thought. It’s always been so ridiculous to me that no one wants to see any sort of progress come to the neighborhood. Really? Let’s just keep the waterfront as a shady ass place where you can choose to either park and fuck or park and break up weed. There’s nothing down there, it’s desolate and dumpy. What SHOULD we put there?

It’s waterfront property. It SHOULD be for rich people housing. That’s how it goes in the world. You gotta pay for that view, kids. Though I’ve no idea why rich people would want to live in Greenpoint. And I guess pirates are also welcome as the Goonies lost treasure ship is shown in the rendering (WTF is that about?).

I’d love to see something realized down there. A little park, redesigned piers and a water taxi ain’t such a bad thing. I’m still personally holding out for a movie theater but I won’t hold my breath.

If I really had a say in what went down there, it would be a MALL. Yeah, I said it. A fucking mall, complete with an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel kiosk. Well, actually, I wouldn’t want a mall down there. I’d prefer Manhattan Avenue just got a few decent chain stores. I’ve been hoping and praying the Avenue would become more like Steinway since I was 15. But hey maybe if we got one or two chain stores down there, testing the waters, the Ave could get some attention.


Will it happen? Maybe. Will I live to see it? Probably not.

P.S. Please spare me the political hippie drama comments, and learn to take a joke.

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