I had no idea this was going on this past Summer but I’m glad to know that tomorrow HOSH Yoga’s Pay-What-You-Wish Yoga will be starting at Otom Gym!

We are a non-profit yoga organization and we have been having yoga classes in McCarren park for the past summer (Farmer’s market corner). Our events have been listed in freenyc, yogadork, Brooklyn Open Alliance and other places. We are starting pay-what-you-wish classes in Otom Gym (169 Calyer St) in Greenpoint beginning October 15th. No GYM membership is necessary.

If you ever wanted to try a class now’s the time with this new deal and new class, everyone will be starting fresh!

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  1. just saw their postcard today at the grocery store. i'll be there to check out the classes, and the ladies, stat!

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