Tennis anyone?

While If you play tennis and live in North Brooklyn then you’d probably be psyched that McCarren Park has 7 courts available. Infact I bet some swarthy real estate agent touted them to you when you were checking out the local overpriced condos. But then you put on your cute little tenny skirt and bought some new balls only to see that they are in some shabby shape. Boo! Hiss!

Open Space Alliance is working with the newly formed McCarren Tennis group to hopefully raise the funds for the restoration of the McCarren Park Courts. So they are having the First Annual Williamsburg Open.

Sold-out Fundraiser Tournament, the “Williamsburg Open,” to be Held Oct. 10 & 11, 2009

Brooklyn tennis players have banded together to raise money to restore the decayed McCarren Park tennis courts. In less than a month of existence, the new organization, McCarren Tennis, has prepared detailed architectural plans, launched a website, sold out a two-day tennis tournament on Oct. 10-11, and organized an on-court party to be held Saturday, Oct. 10 from 8-10 pm. The party, which is open to all, will feature a cash bar (21+ to drink) and DJ sets by the DJ collective Ohio Party.

“The McCarren courts are packed with players every day, and people’s frustration at the poor conditions suddenly boiled over,” says Sean Hoess, one of the group’s members and a frequent player on the courts. “Brooklyn tennis players are a tough bunch, but these courts are worn to the asphalt and the nets have holes. There’s broad-based support throughout the Williamsburg and Greenpoint communities to fix this.”

The group is confident that it can raise the estimated $80,000 required to resurface the existing seven courts, buy new nets and poles, and wrap the fences in windscreens by the beginning of next season. The tournament and fundraiser party will raise approximately $5,000, and local businesses have pledged significant additional support, with contributions from Amtec (the distributor of Zywiec beer), Berry Park, InSound, Le Jolie Hotel, Upscale Lighting, Pete’s Candy Store, A & G Merch, Miranda, Fred Flare, Brooklyn Star, Artists & Fleas, and many others.

A further major fundraising opportunity remains: McCarren Tennis is offering a title sponsor the opportunity for brand recognition on the windscreens wrapping the courts. The courts are very visible and located in a highly trafficked area in the heart of McCarren Park.

McCarren Tennis operates with the full cooperation of the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (“OSA”), the not-for-profit responsible for the administration of McCarren Park. OSA is collecting all donations on behalf of McCarren Tennis, which are fully tax-deductible.

Williamsburg Open Fundraiser Tournament
Saturday, October 10 & Sunday, October 11, 8 am to dusk
On-court party feat. Ohio Party, Saturday, Oct. 10 from 8 – 10 pm. Open to all.

For further information or sponsorship inquiries, visit or contact Sean Hoess at 212.766.8040 or [email protected]

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