I received an email from Jay of Unleash: Brooklyn to tell me about some of the new things going on. Especially exciting is the petsitting during football season for those folks who love to watch the game at a bar on Sunday but might feel guilty leaving Rover home alone. I could totally get that, most of us work all week leaving our pets home alone and then when the weekend comes we might not get a chance to give them as much attention or fun as we want to. Now they can go out and have fun while you’re out having fun! Isn’t that so cute?

Unleash is working closely with some of our neighbors who have been trained by the Mayor’s Alliance for Animals in TNR – Trap, Neuter, Release. There’s a cat colony in the vicinity of India St that will be housed at Unleash for 1-2 weeks (post-surgery).

Dog Habitat is prepared to accept dogs (owner surrender, found/lost dogs) and we are waiting approval from the Mayor’s Alliance for permission to rescue dogs from NYC Animal Care & Control shelters. We’re really excited to finally start the rehabilitation and adoption process!

In celebration of the opening of DH and to raise awareness of dogs in need of rescue and rehabilitation; Unleash: Brooklyn is offering a special package during the NFL season (especially THIS season). We’re teaming up with local bars (t.b.d., Mark Bar, Red Star, etc.) so their customers can enjoy a full Sunday (or Monday night) of watching football with friends while their ‘best friend’ can play at Unleash.


A portion of the $ for each dog that registers at Unleash will go directly to Dog Habitat. $5 from a one-day $20 visit and $100 from a full season ($400). We’re thrilled with the response from local bars and creating partnerships for the benefit of dogs in need.

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