It’s baaaaack! The Habitat‘s annual Habitual Chicken Ritual Wing Contest is coming Tuesday August 25th and if you’re interested in competing, I suggest you stop by ASAP and let them know because last year those 12 spots filled up fast.

Habitual Chicken Ritual
Tuesday, August 25th 10pm
Most wings eaten in 10 minutes wins!!

Contest Rules:
Interested participants can submit their names at the bar (there is no limit on the amount of times you can submit your name)
One week prior to the event, 11 names will be drawn at random
There will be 12 contestants in total (11 new contestants plus last year’s champion who at 41 wings!!)
$5 to enter the contest which gets each participant the first 20 wings (wings eaten thereafter are free)
The contestant who eats the most wings in 10 minutes wins $100 cash and a trophy
Second prize is awarded $50
Each contestant receives a free t-shirt for participating
The contest will be filmed and a live feed will be ongoing during the entire event
Harpoon will be sponsoring the event and drafts will be $3 all night.

Check out the video of last years event for inspiration!

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