No luck trolling Craigslist & Monster? Epic fail on nepotism and cronyism? Unemployment runnig out? You realizing you gotta start doing something more proactive but don’t know what? Get down with Unemployed Brooklyn’s Buddy System.

Briana Campbell, local Greenpoint blogger was recently featured on NY1 discussing her employment search and blog which led her to organizing a Greenpoint/Williamsburg group for supporting and assisting each other in their job search.

Here’s the deal. Sometimes other people are going to have a very different perspective on your life and your job hunt and where your set of skills might come in handy. It’s so easy to get lost in one’s own head when you’re looking for a job and the extra brainpower from some fellow unemployeds might come in handy…

I think Briana has an excellent idea and something that could really help all sorts of people. I know when I was job searching I came across opportunities all the time that I just wasn’t a good fit for, but seemed like a great job. I have friends and family that work in all different fields and infact that’s how I got my current job – through a family member who brought it up to a friend of a friend. They asked for resume and the rest is history. Networking is the best possible way to find something that’s just right for you.

Check out Unemployed Brooklyn and contact Briana at unemployedbrooklyn [at] gmail [dot] com for more inforamtion.


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