Our very own Kea got a sneak peek at Berry Bar this weekend and after Grub Street picked up her post, we’re sincerely hoping these guys open STAT! Update 7/29: A commenter says they will be open in two weeks.

Another local watering hole has some news as well, The Richardson‘s Sidewalk Cafe is now open. You can now enjoy cocktails & food OUTSIDE, all day, everyday (’til midnight during the week & ’til 1am on Fridays & Saturdays).

My favorite haunt The Habitat has begun serving up their full menu until midnight! And… beginning in September they will (finally!) be serving brunch on the weekends from 11 to 3 pm! I can hardly contain myself. Also, this Thursday they’re doing another one of their hugely popular beer tatsings with flights of 4 8oz glasses of Lagunitas is just $13.

Last weeks Brooklyn Based Table Scraps post included a plethora of WBurg info such as Pies n’ Thighs is about to begin construction on their new space on South 4th and Driggs and founding chef of Marlow and Sons and Diner, Caroline Fidanza, is opening a new restaurant of her own called Saltie’s at 378 Metropolitan, in the space formerly known as Cheeks turning out, “pastries, sandwiches, ice cream, and as much good food as we can produce out of a small space,” according to Fidanza. Also, Bonita I on Bedford Ave is closing on August 15th.

I stumbled upon this blogger’s recommendations of Peter Pan (duh!) and Golden Cafe, which I never even heard of. Seems the Yelpers like it, too. There’s a lot to choose from the neighborhood for Polish food but it’s always nice to have another one. And especially one that’s open until 11pm daily!

The New York Times Diner Journal recommends one of my favorite Polish restaurants in the ‘hood – Lomzynianka. Lomzynianka is high on the list of local top stops for authenticity and price.

One of the most useful posts I’ve ever come across – New World Review does a full on list of Latin food places in North Brooklyn. It includes Acapulco, Cafecito Bogota, Pio Pio Riko and Papcito’s among others. A definitive list if I ever saw one.

The Village Voice does a piece on Cookie Road’s specialty cookies. While I don’t think I could ever shell out $25 for a cookie, the novelty of them is pretty spectacular. The great part is that Cookie Road still offers fantastic treats and delicious coffee in their shop for those of us not interested in Michael Jackson cookies.

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  1. Lomzynianka sucks. I had its gołąbki, and my grandmother's recipe is far superior. People who give the restaurant a good review don't know Polish food. Krolewskie Jadlo up the block serves much better food for maybe $2 more, and you can't beat Old Poland Bakery and Restaurant's chicken cutlets (Nassau and Humboldt).

  2. I gotta disagree – I think Krolewskie Jadlo sucks.

    Though I agree on Old Poland Bakery and Restaurant's chicken cutlets.

  3. They have the best fried cheese pierogis here. I'm not from poland, but my bf is from Pittsburgh, where they have a million polish places and eat a lot of pierogi. He swears by these.

    Blistery crusty goodness surrounding sweet cheese.

    Also very good is the white borscht. Awesome even if you don't like beets.

    Nice people, too. And it is indeed very inexpensive.

  4. Hey, mildly off topic, but since you're talking about local restaurants…

    I heard a terrible rumor that Greenpoint Coffeehouse is going to close. That they're being forced out by the landlord who wants to take over their business or something?

    Anyone know if this is true??
    If so, it sucks. It's a great place. You can dine (try the steak…or the chicken soup…it cured my cold), you can sit and have coffee and read the paper, use the internet, or have a drink. Never any rush or pressure from staff. People who work there are cool and friendly. An all around wonderful little neighborhood joint. damn. good coffee too.

    I'd like to know who this landlord is so I can never give him/her any of my money in any form his business might take.

    Petition? Threat of boycott of future establishment? Curse? anyone? General uproar has saved businesses before from greedy landlords…

  5. I tested some desserts from Cookie Road last night – and they were delicious.

    1. Key Lime Pie – rich and dense filling with a light, buttery crust. It was very good.

    2. Peanut butter cup cookie – extra large cookie, heavy on the cups.

    3. 3 raspberry macarons – these were the stand-out. Delicately crisp outside – chewy inside, amazing raspberry butter-cream between the cookies. Excellent.

    The total for these desserts: $7.25
    Not bad – for 3 dessert-starved roommates.

  6. its true, green point coffee house is closing…march of 2010..the landlord is not renewing lease and plans to open his own restaurant in its place and have his wife and kids work there..total disastare waiting to happen…just what i heard..but what do i know

  7. I tested some cookies at cookie road were really delicious!! but it is very sad news that green point house is closing.

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