I love this blog and I adore the photographs Katie Sokoler has taken in Greenpoint of some of the locals.

This is taking pictures of people done right. Personally, I really hate to see blogs that take shots of people on the street that are UNWITTINGLY being photographed. Sometimes, yes, I can see the artistic value in it, but to just take random (and bad!) pictures of strangers and then make multiple posts is really kind of creepy. It’s part of the reason ‘real’ photographers get shit for taking their cameras out and about.

But Color Me Katie does a beautiful job of taking some really great pictures of local people in the neighborhood.

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  1. Totally agree! It really gets my goat when bloggers take pictures of people without their knowledge, and then post them on the internet. I've seen people I know, who are older, don't have computers, nevermind have knowledge of blogs, that I seen on greenpoint blogs and when informed their picture is on the internet, become quite upset with the practice. Is there anything that can be done when this happens, do you know?

  2. I am in complete agreement with you!!! It's a really disgusting practice and it seems like they do tend to target older and/or people who might not be computer savvy. It's just such a mean thing to do.

    I imagine that the first step would be to contact the author and ask them to take it down. I would sincerely hope that any blogger would do so immediately. Although further so than that, I doubt there's probably anything to do unless you started getting lawyers invloved or something or other – this is really not my area of expertise – lol.

  3. i agree to a certain extent. it really depends on the quality of the picture. i wouldnt mind my picture being posted without my knowing if it ended up being a particularly good photo. there is a certain greenpoint blog that continually posts utterly bad photos. Many of which are candid shots of people in the neighborhood. I guess i take issue with how poor the photos are more than the fact that the subject was unaware.

  4. We're on the same page. I agree that just taking crappy candids is what I'm more referring to as opposed to photos that are well shot.

    There's a guy who contributes to the Greenpointers Flickr pool that often does candid shots of people in the neighborhood, but they're GOOD, so I guess I agree that I just have an issue with bad photographers!


  5. I heart katie sokoler. I've been following her blog for few months now and was super envious of the happy go lucky lifestyle she projects in her images. It can be deceiving but we can all use some silly, colorful, dapper perspective now and then. thumbs up!!

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