ProspectBArk! is a new dog walking, pet sitting company that services Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick, and of course the Prospect Park neighborhoods. Started by Chun-Soon Li in PLG (the “other side” of Prospect Park) to cater to pet owners of Brooklyn, ProspectBArk has professional animal caretakers in neighborhoods that the bigger companies tend to neglect.

A few months ago, Chun-Soon met with Greenpoint native Matt Finucane to discuss a partnership role in her new, but burgeoning, business. “We had drinks at this really sweet bar, called The Pencil Factory,” recalls Chun-Soon. “and we’re talking about these amazing ideas I have for a new type of pet care business. I really wanted to focus on parts of Brooklyn that other, more established companies don’t service: Sunset Park, Bushwick, Ditmas, LIC. Then Matt looks at me and says, ‘Why not here?’ So, we decided that he would be Greenpoint’s own ProspectBArk walker. “

Matt did not know much about the “Polish neighborhood” above Williamsburg before moving to Greenpoint from Kansas City; now, he wouldn’t leave for a million bucks. As he explains it, there’s just something about the area: big city energy tempered by a very laid-back, unpretentious air. Coming from the midwest, something about Greenpoint felt a bit familiar to him. When not walking dogs down Franklin Street, Matt can be seen writing comedy sketches at The River Barrel (he is a budding stand-up comedian).


It didn’t take Matt long to convince Chun-Soon that Greenpoint needs a service like ProspectBArk. Offering dog walks, dog and cat-sitting, and a pet taxi, ProspectBArk provides Greenpoint residents with something they need: a professional animal lover who is punctual, reliable and local. But ProspectBArk also switches it up. They offer Doggie Daytrips, so you can send your pooch with them for an afternoon or whole day “upcountry”. Of course you’re welcome to join at no extra charge, since everyone needs a break from the city. Past Daytrips have been mini-expeditions to Bear Mountain, Palisades Park and certain off-season beaches. Chun-Soon Li also does pet photography (she took the images in this post and on their site) and offers steep discounts for her ProspectBArk clients. Though small, the company is licensed, bonded and insured, and its team consists of people who are pursuing pet-centered careers (Like Natasha Ogilvie-Boszoki, dog trainer extraordinaire).

You can check out these and ProspectBArk’s other offering on their site, They’re also on Facebook and Yelp (though barely). If you need any help walking your dog, or you need someone trustworthy to watch your cat while you’re away, give them a call — Matt is your man!

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