7 Eleven is coming to Greenpoint. One of my favorite old storefronts sure to get a complete gut job. I’m actually pretty surprised to see this happening. I just never pictured Manhattan Avenue a 7 Eleven kinda spot. The chain seems too suburban.

As much as I know people are gonna jump on the hater bandwagon, I personally am not all that upset to see it coming. At least it’s not another bank.

Special thanks to Flickr member Natalia F for adding this to the Greenpointers Pool!

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  1. Apparently in London 7 Eleven bakes the most amazingly soft and delicious white bread. We can expect the equivalent here but in doughnut form. Can't say I'm looking forward to it though.

  2. Too suburban? No way. They are all over Chicago, even in the hipster nabes. I wonder what took 7-11 so long to come to Greenpoint. Could have used one of those when I was growing up in Greenpoint.

  3. J – Really? I guess I've just been so used to passing by this place being unoccupied that I naven't even noticed that sign there. It's possible that the deal fell through and they haven't had anyone else interested.

    But even seeing that 7 Eleven was/is considering the space leads me to believe that whoever is renting that space is asking for an arm and a leg which means the only option going in there is going to be a chain.

    Will – I always equated 7 Eleven with the suburbs here in NY. There are just like one or two in Manhattan and I've only ever seen them in the outer parts of Queens and Staten Island.

  4. Only unlike the suburbs there won't be 20 bored teenagers hanging out in the parking lot cause there isn't anything else to do.

  5. Not a big fan of chains but it's better than having that empty and ugly storefront as an eyesore.

    I have noticed a lot of mom-and-pop cafes and small restaurants empty north of GP Ave…hopefully they won't go down.

    Btw, where is this located? Manhattan Ave and what?

  6. Anon – This is on Manhattan between Greenpoint & Milton

    And I agree that I'd rather see a chain there than an empty stprefront and this one has been empty for a couple of YEARS. And if the previous poster that says that sign has been there for months is right, it may still be vacant for some time.

  7. too suburban? Manhattan Ave is far from suburban. Plus 7-11's are all ova the suburbs. I'm surprised they're opening one–it seems 7-11's are only thriving overseas.

  8. That coming soon sign has been up for almost 6 months now. Surprised so many people didn't notice this. Also there is a 7/11 in LIC.

    Next people will get all crazed about the KFC they are building on McGuiness.

  9. Anon – Yeah, I guess people just didn't notice it. I know I didn't. I really think it's the fact that you see the same building day in and day out and you don't bother to notice it anymore.

    I heard those rumors of a KFC opening on McGuiness, too. Another one that didn't happen.

    I also wonder what is going to happen to the WaMu that came and went in the blink of an eye.

  10. I suppose that storefront has been so decrepit for so long that people walk past without even wanting to look at it. I noticed that sign a while ago, couldn't even say now how long. Weeks? Months? I don't know, and I don't know how long it might have been there without me knowing it.

    It'd be a good thing for it to be cleaned up and occupied, but as for 7-11, I'd just stick to the bodegas anyway.

  11. Interesting. Yeah, in Chicago, 7-11's are like Duane Reades here—they've been everywhere, in the heart of, and around, the metro area for a long time. Wonder if the new 7-11 on Manhattan will sell Nathan's dogs or any local flavored stuff. Maybe pierogis and bigos? Polish beers?

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