Which is just about one drink, but one free drink is one free drink and we’ll take what we can get!

The Diamond Bar is celebrating their earlier summer weekend opening hours with free draft beer or glass of wine from 2pm-2:15pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Special “Caddyshack” open bar this Saturday and Sunday
Do you remember Caddy Day at the pool in the Harold Ramis classic, Caddyshack? The sign on the country club pool read, “Caddy Day… Caddy’s Welcome 1:00-1:15”. So in celebration of Kenny Loggins, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight, Rodney Dangerfield, and our new summer hours, we will be offering all draft and wine free from 2:00-2:15pm on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Remember, the Diamond is open at 2pm Saturdays and Sundays all summer long!

While you’re there you might want to sign up for their Brew n’ Chew event for this September:

Brew N’ Chew ’09 Call to Homebrewers/Chefs

The Diamond is seeking teams to create their greatest homebrew/snack pairings for this special event. We hope to sell one hundred tickets to the event. Each ticket buyer will taste all pairings and vote for their favorite. The teams responsible for the top three most popular pairings will win prizes.

1st Place: $250 dinner voucher for Grammercy Tavern. Phenomenal food, beverage, and service. Check out their beer menu including a full page of vintage beers. Grammercy Menu
2nd Place: $150 gift certificate to Maltose Express Homebrew supply shop in Connecticut.
3rd Place: $75 gift certificate to The Diamond.

This year’s charity is Barc Animal Resource Coalition in Williamsburg.
Website address www.barcshelter.org

-Each team will be made up of 2-4 people.
-Each team may enter only one beer/food pairing. Nothing else may be served.
-A single person may be a member of more than one team but two or more people together may not be members of more than one team.

Important Prep Note
It is also important to note that there is no kitchen facility at the Diamond. We have plenty of cold storage and we will also provide ice/buckets, glassware, dump buckets, plasticware, paper plates, napkins. If you plan on serving your food hot, we have chafing dishes to keep it hot but these are not meant to heat it up from cold storage. Hot food needs to arrive hot.

-5 gallon batch of homebrew
-All necessary draft dispense equipment (if packaging in keg)
-125 bite size food servings

We’ve Made it Easier
Last year, we offered an afternoon tasting and an evening tasting. Thus, all teams were required to be at the bar for about seven hours from set up to break down. We will only offer one tasting this year in order to lessen the time commitment to about four and a half hours.

We’ve Upped Your Compensation (slightly)
The Diamond will, again, offer a $25 gift certificate to the bar for each team. We will also offer a small portion of ticket proceeds for the first time this year. 10% of ticket proceeds will be distributed to the teams, the other 90% will go to the charity. This will hopefully amount to about $25 cash per team…not much but something to help defray your costs.

Just for Fun: Last Year’s Pairings
Team 1: Vices & Virtues. Saison served w/ pan fried butternut squash ravioli & goat cheese
Team 2: Bockstars. Bock-Fiddy w/ Dry rubbed ribs smoked 6 hours
Team 3: Dirty Hands, Clean Conscience. Plain Porter w/ Shepherd’s Stew
Team 4: Esoteric Order of H.P.D. Black Saison w/ Sopes
Team 5: Drunken Butchers. IPA w/ Shrimp
Team 6: The Missing Smiths. European Bock w/ Pumpkin Ravioli

Thanks so much for your interest and support!

Dave Pollack

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