I haven’t seen much publicity announcing the Renegade Craft Fair this year. I’ve attended each fair the last few years which took place at the pool but will be at the actual park this time around. I usually strap on a compulsive buying prevention belt and refrain from buying everything in sight: drawings, pottery ware, knitted wear, stickers, design accesories, notebooks, and an assortment of useless but irresistibly cute tchotchkes. I might let my splurge this year. It’s happening this weekend from 11-7pm so don’t miss out.

More importantly, the annual Crest Hardware Show have expanded with a day long celebration and opening party at Macri Park, the small dinky square at Lorimer and Metropolitan. Crest Fest will be collaborating with Artists & Fleas to present a day of art, food, music, live performance and merchandise bringing artists and designers together into a wild roucous community event. The party will benefit a much neeeded refurbishment of the park. As you may know, the annual show merges hardware and art and they are still looking for vendors who’s style may fit this category. A perfect example would be a jewlery designer making rockin’ designs with chains, bolts, and nuts. If you’re one of these fellas and would like to participate contact Ronen at ronen@artistsandfleas.com.

I’m also proud to announce I will have my own table selling my scrumptious baked goods at Crest Fest so make sure to show your face. I need to come up with a clever name for this sprouting business, suggestions?

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