The New York Times features Greenpointers in their offical Real Estate Buying Guide for the neighborhood. They also feature Greenpunkt which hasn’t been updated in like five years, but whatevs – we’re on there! – NYT

Local parks and pools are going the way of Shea. The city is reportedly selling naming rights to some park facilities across the five boroughs to raise revenue. It makes sense, but it’s still kinda sad. – Brooklyn Vegan

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new blog Brokelyn, you’re TOTALLY missing out. Especially in these economic times, this little gem is telling you how and where to find the deals all around Brooklyn. Plus they have some pretty interesting tidbits like I had no idea that you could buy discounted fresh fish direct in Greenpoint! Apparently at Acme Smoked Fish on Gem Street on Fridays, they sell direct to the public from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., in a windowless room behind a pair of blue swinging doors near the plant’s entrance. How awesome is that? – Brokelyn

Kea’s little obsession finally opened! Check out her post today on new to the neighborhood, Cup. – Greenpointers

The NYPD is denying they were ever chasing the car that mowed down Violetta Kryzak despite numerous eyewitness accounts of a silver undercover vehicle seen flying down Manhattan Avenue behind the stolen minivan. – Streetsblog


The Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend. The first one not IN the pool, but I actually think it’s be better this way. In the Pool it was like baking in the hot sun without a tree or shade in sight or when it rained being drowned. – Greenpointers

According to the Greenpoint Gazette Blog, there was an early morning/late night fire at Manhattan & Bedford Avenues. No one was harmed and no cause yet. – Greenpoint Gazette Blog

The Richardson is expanding into the former loading dock area of the space. “The boys are working diligently to provide an elegant semi-private space which will eventually be perfect for parties… away from the crowd.” They’re also hoping to have their sidewalk cafe permit by July so you can enjoy those old-timey cocktails al fresca! – The Richardson

The Williamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts site is getting meatier by the day. And they’ve got some great contributers including my favorite beer guy Tom Pavlich of local blog The Great Pumpkin and our very own Joann Kim who also writes her own blog updownacross. So check out Tom’s post on What Ales You and Joann’s The Great Out Doors. – WG News

Photographer and frequent Greenpointers Flickr Pool contributer Aonghais Macinnes has a picture of one of my Dad’s favorite houses in the hood on Huron. This little mini colonial looks out of place and awesome at the same time. – Street Level

Williamsburg Walks is back starting this Saturday and every Saturday through July 1th, Bedford Avenue will be closed to traffic from North 4th to North 9th Streets. The June 13th date coincides with The L Magazine’s Northside Music and Arts Festival. – Williamsburg Walks

And finally, extended Summer Hours for Diamond Bar begun Memorial Day weekend so now you can get your drink on at 2pm! – Diamond Bar

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! There should be another What Ales you up at the beginning of next week and this time I think I'm going to venture out of Greenpoint…all the way to Williamsburg.

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