At about 1am last night I received a very ‘official’ email in regards to my recent post about The Brooklyn Bartending Academy.

It was all very important and legally binding looking so I am totally a-feared to copy and paste it here considering what Adam at law firm might do to me. He was totally cc’d and I’m scared even though his website doesn’t work.

But to put it in a nutshell, it was requested that I “redact” the name of the person who sent me the press release because apparently they do not think it was appropriate to give the name of the person who wrote the email. Personally, I find that weird since the person clearly works for the company and isn’t that kind of the point, that people know who to contact? But whatevs, I totally deleted the persons name from the previous post just based on the fact that I was asked to do so with a word that I never heard of before. Yep, I had to look up redact in the dictionary and anyone who allows me a chance to expand my vocab is a-ok in my book.

In addition, it was suggested that I had a some sort of personal vendetta against the person who emailed me the original press release. “in a cursory glance you redacted other’s names, which leaves me to question your true intent.” I went back and looked – a little more than a cursory glance, so I could be sure – but I didn’t see any other name on the email or press release, so I just wanted to clear up that I was not out to get the person who shall not be named.

And thirdly, my personal favorite part is that I’m dissed. I was found to be “morally reprehensible, and indicative of an amateur writer with no real professional integrity.” I think this may be the first time I’ve recognized an oxymoron! Clearly if I am amateur then why would I have any professional integrity? This guy has taught me already so much, I feel like I can get an English degree now!


The funny thing to me is I’m almost wondering if this is truly all some sort of satire. Including this email from some public relations firm rep, cc-ing a lawyer, with a paragraph of legal mumbo-jumbo accompanying an email full of $5 words and awkward legalese. It kind of reminded me of those emails that claim the prince of some third world country has millions he wants to share with me but just needs me send him my bank info for a wire transfer.

Anyway, I removed the name from the previous post just in case it’s a real person and because I imagine if it is a real person they’re ashamed to be affiliated with this ‘venture’.

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  1. Lame! If people put together a business, they have to understand that some people will have opinions about said business and deal with it, including having their names in the public eye.

  2. Problem is you totally did slander that girls name. I read the blog before and after, and if they sent you an email it was probably because of that. Also, why are you including the name of the attorney who was cc’d in the email. IT seems to me that you are asking for it.

  3. LOL – Slander her name? All I did was copy and paste the email and make fun of the bartending class. It was nothing even remotely personal against her.

    These people take themselves so seriously, it’s bordering on hysterical. From their overblown ‘we’re too cool for school’ press release to the absurd follow up email chastising me with a cc to their lawyer and PR people, they need to take a valium and get over themselves.

    As for ‘asking for it’ – what the hell is gonna happen? Nothing. Insert huge eye roll here.

  4. Srsly. As much as I enjoy reading this blog, it’s not exactly high-profile enough for people to get that worked up over. They either have a real business with a terrible concept and ridiculous representation, or it’s a fantastic gag.

  5. “I imagine if it is a real person they’re ashamed to be affiliated with this ‘venture’.”Heh. That’s kind of what I was thinking while reading your post.

    “Problem is you totally did slander that girls name.Anon should get in touch with that lawyer (if his website ever works) and ask for a definition of ‘slander.’

    Reposting exactly what someone else has written can not ‘slander’ them. Slander has to untrue.

    And, it’d be libel anyway. Slander applies only to spoken words. Either way, nothing false means no defamation (that’s the word to use if you don’t want to have to worry about whether it’s written or spoken, by the way).

    Making fun of someone is not defamation.

  6. I think everyone is overlooking what should be the main focus- we all have a real opportunity to meet the “movers and shakers of the nightlife” and “young and tragically hip”. I mean, that sounds pretty good to me. One look at their website and I think heck yeah I would pay 300 bucks to meet those folks. I have lived in greenpoint and williamsburg for 4 years now, seeing more than my share of the neighborhood bars, but these people REALLY know about the “Brooklyn Scene”.

    Note to BBA: if you’re gonna take the hipster-capitalist approach for promoting your service, you gotta take the attitude as well.

  7. Put it back up. You were hornswaggled. How the eff could you be asked to redact a name that was in a “press release”? People who don’t want their names mentioned usually don’t include it in a press release. I’ve spoken with my attorney and your at no risk of anything. A real attorney would have sent you a cease and desist notice. This is some jerk pretending he or she has counsel.

    Good point, bleibtreu. Libel would apply to written statements, not slander.

    Put it back up. Don’t be strong-armed by some douche from the the “BBA” blowing smoke up your ass. Stay at home with a short length of hose and a pack of smokes if you want that.

  8. I honestly didn’t remove the name out of any worry from their half-assed legal counsel, I removed it more because I actually feel bad for the girl.

    The woman whose name was used in the press release is just some assistant, she shouldn’t have to suffer the ridicule.

  9. I left that comment quickly – but basically I just wanted to add that I’m glad at least some people agree with me!

    I’m not really trying to take a stand, that’s not my style. I find this whole thing to be comical which is really the only reason I’m even bothering to address it.

    And Citizen Skein, I appreciate you touching base with your attorney just for even further confirmation that this is pretty much a joke!

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