A press release I got this week:

I am working to open Brooklyn’s first Bartending school. We hope to begin classes within the next week and would really love to work with you in this endeavor. I am attaching our press release and the website is in the signature of this e-mail. I really look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.


Brooklyn Bartending Academy
573 Metropolitan Ave, Suite 200
Brooklyn, NY 11211


For Immediate Release:

Brooklyn Bartending Academy is pleased to announce our inaugural summer season of classes. All bartending academies are not created equally, and we are the only authentic one catering specifically to the young and tragically hip on the Brooklyn scene, or those who wish to be. Our academy features real bartenders at some of Williamsburg’s most popular bars, as well as entrée to the hottest social scene in the city. BBA prides itself on not only teaching the fundamentals of bartending, but also introducing its students to the movers and shakers of the nightlife, something no other bartending academy offers.

Our classes are offered weekly and run from 10am-1pm, offering 12 hours of bartending instruction. These classes will take place at Artland Bar, a staple of the Williamsburg bar and to cap off the week, we will host a Friday night graduation celebration at varying locations where students will mingle with the who’s who of Brooklyn society while showing off their bartending skills; this party is what makes BBA unique. We pride ourselves on not just teaching the basics, but really immersing our students in the society in which they wish to work. Through us, they will meet the best of Brooklyn’s DJs and nightlife photographers, as well as their fellow drink slingers. These connections will be the crux of their success as bartenders.

Brooklyn Bartending Academy is the new generation of bartending academies: while we teach the fundamentals that all bartending academies offer, we take it to the next level. We are excited to cultivate the next wave in Brooklyn bartenders. Please contact the Brooklyn Bartending Academy at info@brooklynbartending.com for additional information or press materials.

This whole thing made me vomit in my mouth a little.

Who is this for? The kids who just got off the bus from Wichita? Anyone who wants this “course” needs to get a life. If you’re not already “tragically hip”, this “class” is probably not your key to becoming so. Besides, how hard is it to crack open a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon anyway? You need a 12 hour class to do that?

I smell another grifster.

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  1. ewww total vomit in my mouth. hopefully no one signs up and these fools go out of business…not they’re even really in business.

  2. It almost seems like a joke, especially the image of the clearly drunk girl on their website with boobs hanging out. Not that I have anything against drinking or boobs, but a questionable image for a professional business site. CLASSY.

    Also, their web designer should have browser tested that site in different resolutions and browsers. I’m trapped on a work laptop with a lower resolution and no room to expand the browser and I can’t even read the “About” section as the text gets cut off by the top and bottom graphics and there is no scrolling room. Poor deal all around it seems.

  3. I really wanted it to be a joke, but when I went to the web site and clicked ‘enroll’ – it linked to a pay pall account: enrollment fee was $300.00, so if its a joke, its a scam too.

  4. Awesome! Sign me up! Thank you so much for posting this, it really did make my day.
    “immersing our students in the society in wish they wish to work”

  5. don’t bartending schools usually cost like 2000 dollars?

    i don’t know, i mean, i don’t want to go there, but the press release has a point. bartending schools in manhattan that say they help get you jobs when you’re done, they get you jobs with caterers and stuff, not cool bars where you’ll take home 500 dollars in tips a night.

    i don’t think you need to go there to learn to make drinks, but it’s not easy to get a bartending job in the ‘cool’ parts of brooklyn if you don’t already know people who work in bars in the ‘cool’ parts of brooklyn.

  6. to quote Rodney Dangerfield… “now I know why tigers eat their young”. If they teach the forgotten art of the buy-back, this might have potential. otherwise, goodnight and i can open my own can of beer.

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