I’ve written about the India Street Mural Project before when they needed artist submissions. They’ve just announced six artists chosen last week by a superb jury panel. Artists will be working through the month of June on the mural located at India Street between West St and the river and opening weekend in July. The next North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition meeting will be held May 11th 6:30pm at 303 Grand to discuss future projects, potential locations for public art, call for volunteers, and a nurturing evening of ideas and suggestions.

A sneak peak at each artist and their proposal:

Ali Aschman
, Seascape
Inhabited by characters inspired by mythology and the artist’s own imagination, Aschman’s Seascape reflects the site’s close proximity to the East River and Newtown Creek.

Eve Biddle & Joshua Frankel, India Street Rocket Biddle and Frankel’s India Street Rocket presents a metaphor for celebration in uncertain times.

Joshua Abram Howard, Super Duper Sound System
Drawing inspiration from cultural objects and representations of Native Americans, Super Duper Sound System evokes the presence and history of hip-hop culture in Brooklyn.

Robert Seng, Knock Knock
In this mysterious and inviting interplay between the two walls that enclose India Street, Seng’s Knock Knock invites the viewer into a conversation about the doors that are sealed and those that remain hidden from view.

Skewville, Welcome to Greenpoint
This Brooklyn collaborative’s goal is to unite local artists to promote Greenpoint.

Chris Soria, Antiquated Giant
Soria’s proposal chronicles Greenpoint’s history of abandoned industry by amalgamating independent moments of the iconic American Manufacturing Company (AKA the Brooklyn Terminal Market).

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